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Our crest was designed by Charter Member Diane St. Paul de la Vergne Olivier. She was active in genealogy and historical societies in Louisiana and felt that the Jefferson Genealogical Society needed its own emblem. She designed it to represent the hand of God steering the ships that brought our ancestors to the new world. The design was originally done in black and white and, the society chose its current colors.

Welcome to the Jefferson Genealogical Society Web site. General meeting information is here.


Our next general meeting will be Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Our featured speaker will be Marguerite Scully, a Board member of both the Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society and the St. Tammany Parish Genealogical Society. Is My Husband Really Related to George Washington? is designed as a template for intermediate and advanced genealogists.

While working on her husband's genealogy, Ms. Scully discovered family trees which were published on Ancestry.com and other genealogical websites that linked his St. Tammany grandmother to the family of George Washington. Intrigued, and with no family lore to substantiate this claim, Ms. Scully went through the long, and at times arduous, process of attempting to prove or disprove this published lineage of her husband's St. Tammany family.

Using her ongoing research as a case study, Ms. Scully will provide program participants with illustrative examples of how to verify their ancestry through record search and analysis, as well as how to analyze the records they have already found. The presentation will include a discussion of genealogical obstacles such as the absence or scarcity of critical records, weak records, as well as misinformation and how to reasonably rule it out. Participants will also be made aware of the existence of records at libraries, archives, and courthouses that might be of value to their genealogical research.

Ms. Scully has been a genealogical researcher for over 20 years. She provides genealogical presentations and professional research services which include document retrieval, assistance to family tree hobbyists, assistance with lineage society applications, and legal lineage investigation.

We hope to see you there!


Report of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee submits the following nominations for officers of the Society for a term of 2 years (2015-2016)

President: Michele L. Lehmann

Vice President: Glenda H. Bonneval

Secretary: Paulette Mauterer

Treasurer: Audrey K. Borde

Board Member at Large: Gerald Schroeder

The nominating committee consisted of Cheryl Curole (last elected Board member), Barbara Munson, and Barbara DeSoto.



Shirley Lynch and Cheryl Curole at the JGS Booth at the 2013 Jefferson Parish Library Genealogy Fair



all in attendance were Paulette Mauterer, Lois Willow, Cheryl Curole, and Barbara DeSoto.


Sal  & Census

We had a great 2013 Workshop. Click on the Events tab for more pictures.


Earl Sundmaker, leader of Jefferson Genealogical Society's German Interest Group, has joined the staff of the German-American Cultural Center, and has established a Research Room which contains a computer with internet access, reference books, and maps of Germany.

Earl has personally digitized records for several New Orleans area German churches, and his collection will be on loan to the GACC Research Room. Included are records of the following:

Bethany Evangelical Church
Carrollton Congregation
Carrollton Presbyterian Church
First Evangelical Church and history
Jackson Avenue Evangelical Church
Metairie Evangelical Church
Metairie Ridge Presbyterian Church
Reverend Kleinhagen Ministry
Salem Evangelical Church (partial)
St. John Evangelical Church
St. Mark Evangelical Church
St. Matthew Evangelical Church
St. Paul’s Evangelical Church
Trinity Evangelical Church

Earl will be available for consultations on genealogy, internet web sites, Ancestry.com, and Family Tree Maker.

German-American Cultural Center
519 Huey P. Long Avenue
Gretna, LA 70053
(504) 363-4204
Wednesday – Saturday
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Free, but donations accepted

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JGS member Bob Gordon has compiled a comprehensive list of soldiers who participated in the Battle of New Orleans. This list includes not only the original roster at the Chalmette battlefield but also four additional companies that he uncovered in the National Archives. If you want to know if any of your ancestors were there, email Bob at rcgordon@cox.net and he will check the roster. 


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