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Best Maintenance Tips of Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors need regular cleaning and maintenance. Proper cleaning includes dusting it with a dry mop and sweeping with a soft. Sweeping or vacuuming the wood floor is highly recommended especially in the high-traffic areas. Regular maintenance will prevent the particle buildup and gritty dirt which may scratch the hardwood floor. Since some wood types may slowly fade when not covered, consider covering such kinds of floors. This read explores the various maintenance tips of the hardwood floors.

Furniture polish

furniture polish Applying the furniture polish regularly will also help you in keeping the wooden floor in the perfect condition. Once you use the furniture polish, always ensure that they dry before stepping on them. This will give them a more appealing look.

Vacuum the floor regularly

One of the best maintenance practices of your hardwood floor is to vacuum it regularly. This should be done on a weekly basis since this will help in removing the fine grit which usually accumulates over time and therefore wears the finish on the wooden floor. Vacuuming will protect the finish and assist in keeping its appearance. Vacuum cleaners with a felt surface or a brush running along the floor are the best for this kind of assignment. For the best vacuum cleaner for the wooden vacuum cleaner get to read what the owner of the blog highlights.


Fix the water leakages

One of the things that destroy the wooden floors eventually is water. If there are any kinds of water leakages, make sure that you fix them. Water will not only ruin your wooden floor but will also stain them which will make them lose their natural appeal. Whenever you see it is about to rain, always close the windows and wide the water that spills on the floor immediately.

No-wax wooden floor cleaner

Use the no-wax wooden floor cleaner to remove the residue on the floor. Whenever you spot any spills or dirt, you should immediately wipe them. After you have cleaned the dirt and spills, you can then use the no-wood floor cleaner to get rid of the residue. Since dirt usually destroys the floor, the earlier it is removed, the better it is for you.

Area rugs

area rugs For the high traffic areas: these are areas where we have lots of movements, ensure that you protect them using the rugs. When you walk on the wooden floor several times in a day, the finish will begin wearing out. Find the perfect rug to cover your floor, and you will protect your floor for a more extended period. For the best maintenance tips of hardwood floors watch the video below;

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