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Best Maintenance Tips of Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors need regular cleaning and maintenance. Proper cleaning includes dusting it with a dry mop and sweeping with a soft. Sweeping or vacuuming the wood floor is highly recommended especially in the high-traffic areas. Regular maintenance will prevent the particle buildup and gritty dirt which may scratch the hardwood floor. Since some wood types may slowly fade when not covered, consider covering such kinds of floors. This read explores the various maintenance tips of the hardwood floors.

Furniture polish

furniture polish Applying the furniture polish regularly will also help you in keeping the wooden floor in the perfect condition. Once you use the furniture polish, always ensure that they dry before stepping on them. This will give them a more appealing look.

Vacuum the floor regularly

One of the best maintenance practices of your hardwood floor is to vacuum it regularly. This should be done on a weekly basis since this will help in removing the fine grit which usually accumulates over time and therefore wears the finish on the wooden floor. Vacuuming will protect the finish and assist in keeping its appearance. Vacuum cleaners with a felt surface or a brush running along the floor are the best for this kind of assignment. For the best vacuum cleaner for the wooden vacuum cleaner get to read what the owner of the blog highlights.


Fix the water leakages

One of the things that destroy the wooden floors eventually is water. If there are any kinds of water leakages, make sure that you fix them. Water will not only ruin your wooden floor but will also stain them which will make them lose their natural appeal. Whenever you see it is about to rain, always close the windows and wide the water that spills on the floor immediately.

No-wax wooden floor cleaner

Use the no-wax wooden floor cleaner to remove the residue on the floor. Whenever you spot any spills or dirt, you should immediately wipe them. After you have cleaned the dirt and spills, you can then use the no-wood floor cleaner to get rid of the residue. Since dirt usually destroys the floor, the earlier it is removed, the better it is for you.

Area rugs

area rugs For the high traffic areas: these are areas where we have lots of movements, ensure that you protect them using the rugs. When you walk on the wooden floor several times in a day, the finish will begin wearing out. Find the perfect rug to cover your floor, and you will protect your floor for a more extended period. For the best maintenance tips of hardwood floors watch the video below;

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Plumbing problems and how to solve them

As a homeowner, there are various things that you will have to take care of from time to time. A house will not be perfect forever and requires maintenance and repairs once in a while. Over time the plumbing, drainage, and sewage systems in a house can cause problems like clogged pipes and drains. When this happens, you would not want to be anywhere near your home. Let us look at some of the common problems you can face and how you can solve them.

Common problems

sewage cover

There are a few areas in a house that would come under the broader plumbing systems. Your water pipe system that distributes water to your kitchen, bathroom and other areas, the sewage system which is used to dispose of wastewater and toilet waste and the drains which are inside and outside the house. All these areas can be prone to blockages which will mean that the water or waste will not flow in the proper direction and will get back up.


Clogged sewage

It is perhaps the worst kind of problem you can have in your home. No one likes to see their poo coming up from the toilet when they try to flush. It gives the entire house a terrible stink. The same goes if your underground pit is full and overflowing, as your whole property and street will start to smell so bad. The issue is you won’t know when or what time it will happen and a desentupidora 24 horas na asa norte will be the best option.

Broken pipes

Pipes that deliver water to your house and inside to all the rooms will often wear after a few years of usage. Many are made from PVC that will develop cracks and burst, and you need to get them fixed immediately or risk water damage to your entire house.


Drains are what carry waste water out of your home and in case they get blocked with leaves and other dirt they will also become a problem. They can cause water to flow into your house or garden which will, in turn, make the entire place dirty.

Get professional help

plumber in toiletThe best thing you can do is to hire the services of a professional plumbing service that specializes in taking care of clogged and blocked drains and pipes. They will come over and fix your problem so that you will not have to deal with it again. Always ensure you have the number for a 24 hours service as you never know when you will need them.


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Selecting fittings and fixtures for your bathroom

Every home has at least one or two bathrooms. Everyone in the house would use it for taking their daily shower and of course for other business. But did you ever wonder how the taps, showers commodes, sinks and other things have been selected and come together? In case, you are building a new house or renovating your bathroom; it is important that you know how to select the right fittings and fixtures. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

The shower area

Most people will have a shower area in their bathroom. It may be a separate cubicle or even fixed above the bathtub. There are various types of shower heads available on the market, and it may be a little complicated when it comes to selecting the right one. Users pick handheld shower heads over regular ones if they prefer the flexibility of aiming the water where they want while some will also prefer the rainfall type which will deliver water from above. There are benefits of both models, and it is mostly based on individual preferences.

The sinks


Many of us will go to the bathroom sink to brush our teeth or shave. You will find that there are hundreds if not thousands of models when it comes to selecting a sink. You will find them made of ceramic, glass, steel and many other exotic materials too. WE will often also want there to be a mirror just above the sink to help us when we shave or even floss. Make sure you get one that is durable and matches the rest of your bathroom.

The taps

Your bathroom will have taps in two or three locations. The sink, the bathtub or the shower area. When deciding on taps, you must ensure that they all match so that your bathroom looks nice. If you have hot and cold water in your home, ensure the model you choose can handle hot water so that they will last you longer.


The seat that we sit on a few times a day and take care of business. Selecting the right toilet is also important if you want your bathroom to look elegant. There are various models, and the closed couple commode is often preferred as it looks better and comes in many designs. Make sure it matched the sink and bathtub in color and shape so that everything will look amazing.




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Hiring A Good Builder

Have you been looking for a reputable builder for your house? If yes, the following tips will guide you in choosing the right contractor for your construction project.

Getting recommendations

Someone can discuss his or her need with his family and friends. Additionally, someone can get a list of the available contractor by contacting the relevant associations in the building industry.yiu can also get a good contractor by consulting a building inspector.

Conducting interviews

After getting a list of the available contractors, you can call the contractors to ask them some questions. You can try to enquire about the projects these contractors have undertaken in the past, the subcontractors they work with and their financial references.

Meeting the contractors

You can decide to meet a few contractors based on the interviews you conducted with them over the phone. This will enable you to discuss your project further. A good contractor will always be ready to answer any question to ensure that you are fully satisfied. You should avoid hiring a contractor who has a track record of any dispute. You can also contact the local BBB to ensure that the selected contractor is reliable.

Meeting the former clients

This involves meeting some of the clients who have worked with the chosen contractor. This will help you in knowing how their project was done. Is possible you should make an effort of seeing the finished building. Furthermore, you should go ahead and visit the contractor on his current site. This will establish if he is using safe methods. Are his workers careful? All this is meant to provide you with a better idea about the hired contractor. You will get to know whether he or she is reliable.

Asking for bids

After short listing some candidates, you should go ahead and look forward to your project. A reputable, qualified contractor will need to have a clear idea and blueprints of what is expected by the homeowner in his project. Additionally, they will need to know the amount of money that the homeowner has set for the project. You should ask for bids. This will enable you to hire the best contractor who has the lowest bid.

Take into account of the deciding factors

Most homeowners are after hiring the lowest bidder. This is very wrong. Some of the lowest bidders might be desperate for the job or might cut corners. You should hire a contractor who is easy to work with and who can be reached throughout the period of the project.



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